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Radio Channels!

Set a voice channel to be a "radio channel" and Hime will join it automatically and play a pre-designated playlist if someone is in it.

Unlimited Queues!

Hime doesn't restrict how many songs you are able to queue in one session, meaning you could queue HUGE playlists if you really wanted to!

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Bass Boosting and Volume!

You can change Hime's volume and bass boost mode however you like with two simple commands!


Music commands

Name/Aliases Arguments Description
.pl | .play [shuffle/sh or next/n] name/url/autoplay Plays a song or playlist with the given link or name, a link is required for any song that is not on youtube (also use this to invite the bot to the voice channel). You can use .play shuffle playlist_link to shuffle a playlist before playing it or use .play next track to add a track on top of the queue. Moreover, you can use .play autoplay to play the autoplay playlist.
.jumpto | .jump | .skipto index Skips to a song based on the queue index.
.seek seconds/position Jumps over the given amount of seconds in a song or jump to a given position specified in the h:m:s format. You can jump backwards with something such as .seek -10 which will jump 10 seconds backwards.
.search song Searches for a song on YouTube and lets you to queue it.
.scsearch song Same as .search, but for SoundCloud
.queue | .q | .songlist [page] Shows the current queue of songs. The queue is interactive. You can click on the reaction emotes below the message to switch between pages, or specify it with the page parameter.
.delete | .r | .remove index index_2 index_3 Removes a song based on the queue index. You could also remove multiple songs by passing multiple indexes
.mov | .playafter | .move index/name [after_index] Moves a song based on its queue index or name to a position in the queue. If no position is given, the song will be moved to the position after the current song.
.np | .nowplaying | .current Shows info about the current playing song.
.fs | .modskip | .forceskip | .fskip Forceskips the song as a DJ or an admin, no need to vote.
.voteskip | .skip | .s Votes to skip the current song.
.prev | .previous Enqueues the previous song.
.stop | .leave | .disconnect Stops the current song and clears the queue, this also makes the bot disconnect from the voice channel.
.rj | .rejoin | .reconnect Makes the bot reconnect to the voice channel, useful for when the bot says that it's playing, but you can't hear anything.
.tp | .togglepause Either pauses or resumes depending on the current state of the bot, if it is paused, resume, pause otherwise.
.p | .pause Pauses the current song.
.re | .resume Resumes the current paused song.
.rq | .clearqueue | .reset Removes all entries from the queue, though this doesn't make the bot leave the voice channel unlike .stop.
.sh | .shuffle Shuffles the current queue.
.loop | .repeat Sets the repeat state of the current song queue to either True or False. The repeat queue contains songs that have been played. A song must have been played before it can be added to the repeat queue. The repeat queue will play after all songs in the queue are finished playing.
.vol | .volume [1-100] Sets the player volume in %. Specify nothing to see the current volume.
.bb | .bass | .bassboost [off, low, medium, high, extreme, SICKO] Sets the player bass boost in different modes.
.radio | .aliases add/remove radio [link/name] This command allows you to create "radios" for Hime to play. Simply make a new radio pointing to a playlist and create a voice channel with the same name, if someone joins the voice channel, Hime will join the channel automatically and play the preset radio playlist

General commands

Name/Aliases Arguments Description
.lyrics name of song Searches and shows the lyrics for a song on genius.com.
.partners Shows the partners of the Himebot.
.help Returns a link to the help section of this website.
.info | .stats | .botinfo Shows some general info about the bot.
.ping Pings the bot and shows the latency, used to check how fast the bot connects to discord. Higher pings usually indicate that there might be lag.
.donate | .invite Shows info for donating and inviting the bot

Admin commands

Name/Aliases Arguments Description
.settings [dj/tc/vc/autoplay/tms/prefix/stay value] Shows the settings of the bot in the server. You can change the listed settings using this command.
Example: .settings dj @role
dj: Sets a DJ role for the server. Values: NONE, @role.
tc: Sets a text channel for using Hime's music commands and stuff related to music. Values: NONE, #channel.
stay: Toggles whether or not the bot stays in the voice channel after the queue has ended. Values: TRUE, FALSE.
vc: Sets a voice channel for Hime to play music in. Values: NONE, name of voice channel.
autoplay: Autoplay is a feature similar to the YouTube autoplay, where a playlist could be played after the queue has done playing. Values: NONE, DEFAULT, https://link.to.playlist/....
tms: This setting allows you to disable the now playing messages. Values: TRUE, FALSE
prefix: This is the most dangerous setting, the prefix is a character that each of the commands starts with, the default prefix is . though you could change it to something else such as !. Values: NONE, prefix_character.
Beware that the bot will not respond if you try to invoke a command using the . prefix after you've changed the prefix. If you want to change it back, then just tag the bot like this @hime hime#3590 and it will tell you its current prefix.