I've just donated, how do I get my rewards?

If you have just donated, then you must join Hime's server if you are not already in it (invite link is above ^) and look in the channel that is called #patron_faq. If you are having trouble after reading the channel, then try asking a support staff for help.

What is Hime's server used for?

Hime's server is mainly used for questions and support for when users are having trouble using the bot. We also occasionally post announcements in the server about the bot, where we announce things such as a restart and other changes to the bot.

How do I invite Hime to my server?

Pledging $1 on Patreon will allow you to redeem your server, and then you will be able to invite the bot to your server.

How do I play a song?

Playing a song with Hime is easy and simple, just type .play name/url where name/url are the name or url of the song you want to play, Hime will then search for the song on YouTube and play it.

How do I play a playlist?

This is about the same as playing a song, except now you need to use the link of the playlist instead of the name. A playlist must come from either YouTube or SoundCloud, as Hime cannot make playlists for you. You can also shuffle the playlist before playing it by typing .play sh playlist_link.

How do I skip a song without voting?

You can do this by typing .fskip, though this requires you to have a DJ role.

Can Hime play from Spotify/Apple Music playlists?

No, and it never will. Spotify and Apple Music don't allow anyone to stream or download their songs, therefore it is impossible for Hime to play from these sources. You can use a Spotify to YouTube converter to convert a Spotify playlist to an YouTube one, then play it with Hime.

Can I change Hime's picture?

Nope. Hime's picture is for the dev to change only, changing it will change it for every server, so there isn't a way to change it only for one server.

Can I have 2 Himes?

This isn't possible as Discord doesn't allow it. You can only invite the same bot once.

Can I invite Hime on a fancy dinner date?

Maybe in another life.

How can I select only specific people to use music commands?

.settings dj @role_name, replace role_name with the name of the DJ role. A DJ role is basically a music role that can be used to control Hime, by default the DJ role is any role with the mute members permission. You are required to be a DJ to use DJ commands which are: .stop, .forceskip, .reset, .skipto, .move, .pause, .resume,, .repeat, .search, .seek, .shuffle and .volume and .aliases (aliases only works if you have a DJ role or the mute members permission). Some commands such as .play, .search and .previous cannot be used by non-DJ users if the DJ role has been set. A user is automatically granted DJ permissions if they are alone in the voice channel.

How do I set a voice channel for Hime to play in?

.settings vc channel_name, replace channel_name with the name of your voice channel.

How do I set a text channel for Hime's music commands?

.settings tc #channel_name, replace channel_name with the name of your text channel.

How do I change the prefix?

.settings prefix !, replace ! with the prefix you wish to use, the prefix can be 2 characters long max.

How do I use aliases?

.aliases add name https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzME6COik-H9hSsEuvAf26uQAN228ESck or .aliases remove name to remove the alias you've added.

How do I disable Hime from sending Now Playing messages?

.settings tms false, this will disable those annoying messages, and if you're wondering what tms stands for, it is "toggle-music-spam".

I can't hear Hime playing anything!

Try these things first:
- Rejoin the channel
- Check Hime is not muted
- Check your voice connection
- Change your voice region
- .stop then .play

The music is speeding up randomly!

Try changing your voice region.

Hime doesn't want to join my voice channel!

Try checking if it has the right permissions to do so, otherwise try changing the voice region.

Hime isn't responding to any of my commands!

You could try and change the prefix back to the original prefix if it was changed. Type this in chat: @himebot#3590 settings prefix ..

Hime is lagging!

All bots lag at some point, this is unavoidable. Just wait a bit and Hime should be fine again.

Hime disconnected randomly!

This is most likely me restarting the bot, otherwise it's probably the bot's connection being bad. If you wish to know when restarts happen, then joining Hime's server would be a great idea.

My problem isn't covered here; the solutions didn't work!

If everything mentioned above didn't work, then join Hime's server and ask a support staff.