The Only Discord Music Bot You'll Ever Need

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Why do I need Hime?

Hime is a patron-only Discord music bot which you can get access by donating at the link above. As Hime is a patron-only bot, you receive all of the benefits as you would get from other bots for just $1! Among other:

  • Volume access: full volume control over every song!
  • Unlimited playlist size: got 2000 songs in your playlist? No problem, we can handle it!
  • Unlimited song durations: no matter how long your songs are, Hime can play them!
  • Stay in VC: Hime will stay in the voice channel forever if you want her to
  • Radios: set specific VCs as "radios", Hime will join automatically and play a playlist if someone is in the VC
  • Autoplay: play your favorite playlist when the queue is over!

What is Himebot?

Hime is a powerful, user-friendly music bot packed full of features to keep your favorite songs playing all night long!

Who made Himebot?

Hime is programmed using discord.py in Python by init0#8366. Hime was once a very large bot (used by over 260.000 guilds) but due to my study I have decided to make the bot patron-only, as I did not have the time and resources needed to maintain such a high amount of users.