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Important update regarding Himebot

Posted on: July 15 2019

Hello everyone, we have a very important announcement to make...
Hime has came a long way since it first debuted back in 2017, and we would like to thank everyone here who has been with us since the beginning 💖.
Making Hime has been a fun and special project for me, but I believe now is the time for us to go down another road.
As some of you (those who are in Hime's Discord) might have noticed, I haven't been exactly active on the server, and that is due mostly to the fact that I have been focusing more of my time on other things in my life.
Maintaining and developing Hime requires a lot of effort on my part.
Since I am the only "real" developer on the team, it has gotten harder and harder for me to continue working on the bot without the continual fear of it breaking.
It is for that reason, we do not see many updates or changes being made to the bot, as opposed to when I was working on it in the beginning.
The 200,000+ servers which Hime is in right now, is something that I am extremely grateful of, but also something I wish could have been less, so that it wasn't always so exhausting whenever there was a problem that I had to fix.

I might as well go ahead and say it now: we will be discontinuing Hime for public use; it will become a patron only bot, starting by the end of this month.

I realize that many of you will be disappointed by this announcement, after all, it is the only serious announcement we've had in ages...
But I do however believe that it would be in everyone's best interests that this change happened sooner or later.
I believe it would be better for people to remember Hime for what it has been up until this point, rather than to let it deteriorate further into pieces, due to my own unwilligness to work on the bot.

Current patrons will still be able to use the bot after the update, as it would be wholly unethical on our part to disregard these patrons whose help have made Hime to what it is today 💖.
And you might be thinking: "What about me?? Can I get access to Hime as well somehow?"
And the answer to that question is yes! We're making Hime patron only, not that it's disappearing any time soon unless everyone decides to cancel their pledge on Patreon.
I will continue to run Hime until there are no more patrons who wish to support Hime.
We will therefore be making a $1 tier on Patreon, for those loyal Hime fans, who still want to continue using the bot after the change.
And as a last thank you, those who do decide to pledge a dollar to keep Hime running, will get access to all the donor perks when the shift happens.
You can join Hime's server for further information on how this change will be made.

- Himebot team

What is Himebot?

Hime is a powerful, user-friendly music bot packed full of features to keep your favorite songs playing all night long!

Who made Himebot?

Hime is programmed using discord.py in Python by init0#8366.